Jennifer Gandin Le is a writer, editor, and photographer. She has an extraordinary gift for helping people translate their ideas into clear, powerful written language that conveys the heart of their message. An avid reader and writer from an early age, Jennifer has a powerful instinct for flow, style, and strong connection with readers.

For the last 10 years, Jennifer has been helping brilliant thinkers and business owners translate their thoughts into powerful written content with her extraordinary writing and communication skills. She takes pride in her work and won't rest until you are ecstatic with your content.

For over ten years, she's edited investor letters for hedge funds with holdings averaging $3 billion. She takes great pride in proofreading investor communications to ensure that they are error-free and convey each firm's unique voice and superior standards.

Most recently, she edited Danielle LaPorte's White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping It Real on Your Spiritual Path from One Seeker to Another, an exploration of the conflicts between spiritual aspiration and the compulsion to improve.

She also edited Rochelle Schieck's Qoya: A Compass for Navigating an Embodied Life that is Wise, Wild and Free, a book based on the movement that has been featured on and in publications like New York Magazine and Psychology Today.

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From My Clients...


Jennifer is wise and fastidious, current and kind, and she will help infuse your writing with all of those beautiful smarts.
Working with her makes me more thoughtful and aware as a Creative––which is an incredibly precious gift to receive from an editor.

Danielle LaPorte
Author of White Hot Truth and The Desire Map


Working with Jennifer Gandin Le not only gave me the blessed experience of birthing my first book into the world, she also gifted me the experience of being one of those people who sincerely is obsessed with their editor because they know they could never have done this without her. 

I recommend Jennifer to everyone I know. As a human being, she is the perfect combination of purest-heart-of-gold and intellectual-ninja-slicing-away-what-is-not-needed, balanced out with a consistency that inspires beauty, laughter, and truth to emerge on the page and in conversation every step of the way. I want to write more books, just so I can work with her.

If you feel the call to bring your work into the world, heed it. I know that if you choose Jennifer to midwife your offering, you'll be as lucky as I was. I also hope that she still has time in her schedule the next time I need her help! I really can't imagine doing this without her brilliant perspective illuminating my own.

Rochelle Schieck
Founder of Qoya and Author of Qoya: A Compass for Navigating an Embodied Life that is Wise, Wild and Free


There is no finer editor than Jennifer Gandin Le. Period. I've watched her edit an 800-page book down to 250 pages; rather than losing its power, however, the book became richer and the author's intention exerted itself with greater clarity and authenticity. Jennifer does this with a passion I've never seen in an editor, and she is patient, kind, and joyful in the process. Rewriting is the hardest part of writing, but she makes the work delightful.

Proofreading a draft that has had her eyes on it is a dream, and her organization of content makes the design process infinitely easier. I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with her for 10 years, and she never stops at mere competency but goes for perfection each and every time.

If you're thinking of booking her, just do it--given her demand from the greats in their industries, you'll be lucky to have her time. Her work is priceless.

Emily Bohannon
Writer + Designer



Jennifer is a wizard — she managed not only to cover everything we talked about in a rapid-fire conversation, but she added a ton of new, relevant content as well.

David Marrero, PhD
President, Health Care & Education, American Diabetes Association




I had a lot of ideas for my new website, most were on scraps of paper. I was busy launching my business and had little time to give layout or content much thought. A friend recommended Jennifer and I apologetically rambled through what I thought I wanted. She listened intently and told me not to worry. I couldn't imagine how she could make something from the little I gave her but in a couple weeks she had created a site that absolutely communicated the personality of my business and the message I wanted to share. She has a unique gift  to capture nuggets of information, style and personality and represent her clients perfectly.  I highly recommend Jennifer!

Colleen Brewer
CEO, Brewer & Co.




Working with Jennifer isn't just about her magical way of morphing into your brain and taking on your voice and tone—it's about being gently yet securely guided to the next level with ease.

When you hire her, you can IMMEDIATELY feel her devotion to you and your project. It's never just "work" for her. It is HER work, with you, at this time, as a partner.

She treats each project we've worked together on as sacred and, man, is that worth every cent she's been paid (and then some). She is more than a master technician; she is an artist. She is not just your writer and editor, she is your actual gift from the Divine, sent to midwife your creative project into life.

If you're so much as THINKING about hiring her, I'd say: Do it. Do it NOW before she signs on to someone else's project and you're left waiting or wanting. Fortune favors the brave. Sign up with her as soon as you can and enjoy the ride.

Serena Hicks
Bon Bon Barre Creator, Co-Host of Fiercely Feminine Women's Workshops, and Co-Host of the Studio Sessions music series