Start a huge, foolish project
like Noah.

It makes absolutely no difference 
what people think of you.



The Sooner the Better

If I had to live my life again, I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner.

--Tallulah Bankhead, actress and bon vivant, in her autobiography



The Last Thing

The last thing one knows in constructing a work is what to put first.

--Blaise Pascal, Pensées, Section I, 19


Early 90s Music Flashback: Dream On, Dream Away

Outtake dialogue* from this 1991 Color Me Badd video for "I Adore Mi Amor":

"These now-soggy denim overalls were a poor choice for the beach."

"My enormous white sweatshirt is even longer than my blue shorts!"

"What is this treasure chest of Color Me Badd swag doing here??"

"Who cares -- let's set up camp--"

"AND FOUR PART HARMONY!" (said in unison, of course)

*This dialogue takes place completely in my head.


Early 90s Music Flashback: Let the Next Life Off the Hook

When this song came out in 1992, I didn't yet understand the value in buying an entire album instead of a cassette single when you liked a song from a band. So instead of plunging head first into the Indigo Girls' music then, I played this track over and over and over, and that's all I knew of their music until 1999, when a friend introduced me to them as an actual band.

The harmonies hooked me first, then the lyrics. Reincarnation -- such a cool concept to a romance-obsessed fourteen-year-old! And now, I'm completely delighted by this video with its captions and the laughter between the two singers.

My friend, Gareth, who has seen the Indigo Girls in concert countless times, tells me that she's heard that Amy and Emily deeply dislike playing this song live anymore. I can't blame them, considering how many times they must have performed it since it hit the charts in 1992. Which makes the video that much sweeter -- they're having such fun together, being so playful and smart and sincere with a song that captured many hearts when it came out.